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June 10, 2013


Dear Friend:

Some misguided Maine legislators are trying to restrict your compassionate input into wildlife policy.  Don't let them get away with it! Write to your state legislators today and urge them to oppose LD 1303, a pending resolution "Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish the Right To Hunt and Fish."

Maine is home to a bountiful array of wild animal species, including iconic American wildlife such as bears, elk, and moose. We believe in a strategy of compassionate conservation, not deadly destruction, and voters should have a say in advocating for humane wildlife policies.

Legislators have proposed a bill (LD 1303) that would prevent ballot measures on all wildlife issues, preventing you from rallying your fellow Maine citizens to petition for change. This undemocratic restriction of voters' rights is unacceptable. Please contact your state representatives and politely urge them to oppose LD 1303.

Thank you for being a voice for Maine wildlife!

For the animals,


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