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June 12, 2013


Dear Friend:

While many county fairs wisely ban dangerous elephant rides, the Nevada County Board is considering hiring elephants for rides at this year's county fair. Please email the CEO of the County Fair Board and urge her not to approve elephant rides at the fair.

Elephants, like all exotic animals, are not well-suited to a life of confinement and are prone to chronic and often fatal foot and joint problems that they acquire while being chained for long periods of time. Captive elephants may be forced to perform with bullhooks, electric prods, or other harsh "training" methods.

There is inherent danger involved in elephant rides. In 1992 in Florida, a woman and five children were riding an Asian elephant when the elephant suddenly bolted. Although the passengers were rescued, the elephant was killed in a hail of bullets. More recently, in 2009 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, an elephant giving rides became spooked and caused a mobile stairway to collapse, injuring children waiting for the ride. These are just two examples from Born Free USA's exotic animal incidents database.

Please send a polite e-mail to the CEO of Nevada County's Fair Board to stop the elephant rides at the fair.

Or better yet, attend the meeting! A board meeting will be held on June 20th at 4:00 at the Nevada County Fair Grounds, 11228 McCourtney Rd., Grass Valley, CA 95945, Ponderosa Hall, Gate 2 entrance. Please attend the meeting if you're able — the more people we can gather to stop this before it happens, the better!

For the animals,


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