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August 20, 2013

Stand Up for Primates in Michigan!


Your ongoing support is needed for a bill that would reduce private primate ownership in Michigan! HB 4300 (Kandrevas, D-13) would add nonhuman primates to the species banned for private ownership, with some exceptions. We asked you to contact your state representative prior to a House vote on this bill back in June, but sadly, certain representatives prevented that vote from occurring. We have another chance now, and need to drum up even more support this time!

Imagine a monkey trapped in a basement for 15 years, with no sunlight or other monkeys to play with. This is the type of cruelty we're up against. Privately owned primates are often kept caged and isolated, with their teeth and nails extracted. However, atrocious conditions are only part of the problem.

Private possession of primates endangers public safety because primates are incredibly strong, and have been responsible for causing serious human injuries. Representative Kandrevas first introduced a version of this bill in 2009, in response to an incident in his own district in which a child was bitten by a "pet" primate. The private possession of large cats and bears is already prohibited in Michigan by the Large Carnivore Act, and primates need to join this list.

It is unbelievable that some representatives are reluctant to even consider this bill. They need to hear that it is crucial for public safety and animal welfare, and that their constituents care deeply about this issue. Please call and email your state representative to tell him/her that both primates and humans in Michigan deserve this protection.

For the animals,


P.S. If you want to take further action, contact Speaker Jase Bolger's office to urge passage!

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