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July 29, 2013

Please Help Joey Recover from Life-Saving Surgery


Dear Friend:

Will you help us care for Joey in his most delicate time of need?

Joey, a former “pet” macaque, has just undergone emergency surgery to repair a perforated bowel. I am pleased to report that the surgery went well, and that he is now recovering at home — at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. However, his condition remains critical and we are watching his recover y around the clock. Joey, who we also discovered to be diabetic, requires devoted attention, medications, and lots of TLC from our staff to pull him through this difficult time — and we need your help.

Joey's emergency surgery was performed by Dr. Fred Williams at South Texas Veterinary Specialists and, even with a generous discount, we are facing a surgery bill of $2,000. Additionally, Joey needs three different medications that cost a total of $15 per day.

Joey resides in a large, natural enclosure with several other monkeys. He's certainly the most gregarious of the group, and we know that his friends are anxious to have him well and back at home—especially his best friend, Gilbert, who loves wrestling with him!

Will you help us with Joey's surgery and all that he needs to recover? Will you join Joey's support team?

  • $2,000 is needed for Joey's emergency surgery. (Any contribution toward the total would help!)
  • $15 will pay for 1 day of medications.
  • $45 will buy Joey fresh vegetables and produce to help him heal and combat his diabetes.

With a simple donation, you can help us work to save Joey's life, get him healthy, and bring him back to his friends again. Please help Joey today!

For the primates,


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