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September 16, 2013

Please support the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary


Dear Friends,

Will you adopt one of the monkeys at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary? Don't worry; no real monkeys will show up on your doorstep! But, Carly, Joey, Khy, Mig, Grinch, and Nala are counting on you.

Adoption packages are available for $25, $52, or $100 per year, or you can join our new Primate Sustainer program by making a monthly contribution of $10 or more toward the care of the monkeys. All sponsors receive materials about their animal and the Sanctuary's semi-annual newsletter, The Primate Post.

Every monkey has a story. Before coming to the Sanctuary, Carly, a female snow monkey, had been kept as a "pet" in a small, dirty cage in a garage. After a particularly difficult adjustment period, Carly has now bonded with other snow monkeys and enjoys the space that the Sanctuary has to offer. And Mig, a young female bonnet macaque, had been born in a research laboratory and lived her entire life under laboratory conditions. When Mig arrived at the Sanctuary with her mother and father, it was the family's first time stepping foot outside of a laboratory environment. Mig has grown extremely close with another young female, and spends her time climbing, swinging, and foraging.

While they may have had dark pasts, you can be a part of their bright futures.

Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, many of the monkeys experience — for the first time in their lives — the warmth of the sun on their faces, grass beneath their feet, a breeze of fresh air, enough space to run, trees to climb, and the company of other monkeys. All as it should be. It costs nearly $500,000 per year to provide caregivers, veterinary care, healthy and appropriate food, and large, natural enclosures with climbing structures, toys, and other vital forms of environmental enrichment. Your compassionate adoption donation will give Carly, any of her friends, and all of our Sanctuary residents a life worth living.

Please support the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary by adopting one of our residents today.

For the primates,


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