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September 25, 2013

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary Welcomes Nine New Baboons


Dear Friends,

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of nine new baboons to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, Texas! These female baboons, ages 13 to 23, were just retired from a laboratory research program. Pearl, Missy, Chloe, April, Friendly, Spicey, Brooke, Kennedy, and Lulu join 13 other baboons, 4 vervets, and more than 600 macaques at the Sanctuary. You can see pictures here and video here and here!

Before receiving Born Free USA’s loving care, they lived in separate cages, never experiencing the outdoors and only rarely the company of other baboons. Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, they reached through the fence of their covered safety area to touch grass for the first time: a touching moment for all.

Friendly and all of her fellow retirees are counting on you to provide the exceptional food and care Born Free USA can give them. Will you adopt Friendly, the 18-year-old olive baboon who certainly lives up to her kind name? A natural leader and the dominant female in her group, Friendly has adjusted quickly, and makes frequent visits to Spicey and Chloe to reassure them during this fragile time. By adopting Friendly, you will not only help to improve her life, but the lives of the other baboons for whom she cares.

The Born Free USA Primate Adoption Program is a great way to know that you’ve made a difference in the lives of each of these animals in need, and makes a great gift for the compassionate people in your life.

Please help us make sure that Pearl, Missy, Chloe, April, Friendly, Spicey, Brooke, Kennedy, and Lulu transition smoothly to Sanctuary life, and that they receive the necessary ongoing care to keep them happy and healthy... for the remainder of their natural lives.

Born Free USA is grateful for the generous support of the American Anti-Vivisection Society. Click here to learn more about this inspiring rescue.

For the primates,


P.S. Sanctuary living is expensive. Besides donating to this baboon rescue, you can adopt Khy, Mig, or another primate, contribute to our Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund, or purchase an item from our Wish List.

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