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September 30, 2013

Crush The Ivory Trade


Dear Friends,

In just one week, I will be in Colorado for a historic event – an ivory crush! The U.S. government is going to pour 25 years’ worth of confiscated elephant ivory – 5.4 tons of wildlife contraband – into a rock crusher and pulverize it, to send a strong message to the world that elephant poaching must stop! Born Free is a global leader in fighting the ivory trade, which is currently claiming some 30,000 elephants per year.

At the ivory crush, I’ll be proudly wearing my BORN FREE USA CRUSH THE IVORY TRADE TEE SHIRT!

Born Free USA has teamed up with FLOAT Apparel to launch the ‘Crush the Ivory Trade’ campaign! For one week only (today at 11:00 AM EST to 11:00 AM EST on October 7, 2013), FLOAT will sell limited edition tee shirts, bearing the bold statement: ‘Crush the Ivory Trade.’ For each item sold, FLOAT will donate $8 to Born Free USA to aid in our fight against this unthinkable cruelty.

Please order your ‘Crush the Ivory Trade’ tee shirt right away! Not only will this enable you to be a part of the excitement, but you’ll be providing crucial funds to help us combat the bloody ivory trade. Wear your tee shirt proudly to spread the message of compassionate conservation!

Elephants are suffering, and they desperately need us on their side. Will you purchase a tee shirt to help save their lives?

For the animals,


P.S. We’d love to see photos of you in your ‘Crush the Ivory Trade’ campaign tee shirt. Please post a picture to Facebook or Twitter and be sure to tag Born Free USA! I’ll be posting mine!

P.P.S. Learn more about the ivory trade:

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