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October 24, 2013

You probably use a credit card, so why not choose Born Free USA's?!


Dear Friends,

Support Born Free USA with the new Born Free USA Visa® Platinum Rewards Card. Choose from beautiful card designs: a tiger, lion, monkey, elephant, or wolf. When you apply for and use your card, the bank will donate $50 to Born Free USA, and will donate a percentage of your future purchases to Born Free USA, as well! The more of us who participate, the bigger the impact we can make.

All the benefits of a Platinum Visa® Rewards Card will be yours, along with the satisfaction of showing your support of Born Free USA's mission every time you use your card. Apply now and earn points at hundreds of online retailers. Redeem your points for name-brand merchandise, event tickets, gift cards, travel rewards options, and more! Apply online at:

Every time you use your card, you'll support Born Free USA – and you'll show every merchant who swipes it that you care about wild animals. Spread the word! With your participation, we can defend elephants from the bloody ivory trade, fight the fur industry, and ensure that animals are free from captivity in zoos and circuses. Apply for a Born Free USA Visa® Platinum Rewards Card today!

For the animals,


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