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November 5, 2013

Ask Committee Members to Vote Yes on Bear Bill!


Dear Friends,

Conflict with wildlife is often solved through inhumane measures like trapping, so legislation that helps compassionately manage these conflicts is crucial. Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union County) has introduced S. 2369 to address this very issue, and we need you to speak out in support of it!

This bill requires campgrounds, closed communities, and municipalities in defined bear habitats to use bear-resistant bins and dumpsters. It also restricts baiting for bear or deer in bear habitats. Baiting is a cruel and unsporting practice in which old food is purposefully left in a particular location, while hunters wait nearby for an easy and unsuspecting target. The simple solution this bill offers will result in fewer bears being attracted to populated areas, thus reducing the chance of conflict with humans.

There will be a hearing in the Economic Growth Committee on November 14, right before the bear hunt begins on December 9. The timing of this hearing will help publicize our message that the hunt, or bait and shoot, is unnecessary. Please be sure to contact the committee members and ask them to approve the bill without delay. It will make New Jersey a safer place for bears and people!

For the animals,


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