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Celebrate Elephants, Birds, and Endangered Species

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Baby Blankets for Primates!

Keep a primate warm this winter by donating a blanket to the "Baby Blankets for Primates" drive at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary! Donated blankets will provide warmth, enrichment, security, and a source of play for the monkeys, many of whom suffered brutal circumstances in the exotic pet trade before arriving at the Sanctuary. Click here for more details about how you can help.

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Crushing the Ivory Trade

This week, the U.S. government poured 5.4 tons of confiscated elephant ivory—25 years' worth—into a rock crusher to pulverize it, sending the powerful message to the world that elephant poaching must end and that there should be no market for ivory! Born Free USA's Executive Vice President, Adam Roberts, attended the crush to witness this historic event first-hand. What a huge step toward crushing the cruel ivory trade!

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National Bird Day

It's almost time for National Bird Day to take flight! We enjoy birds all year long, but every January 5th and throughout the month of January, we take a special pause for our fine feathered friends—and this year is no exception. Stay tuned for events and actions you can take for birds. In the meantime, take a quiz to see how many bird sounds you can identify. And, remember to Think Outside the Cage!

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40 Years of the Endangered Species Act

Born Free USA was a proud sponsor of Wednesday's coalition event at the Library of Congress to celebrate 40 years of the U.S. Endangered Species Act, one of the world's strongest laws to protect and preserve imperiled species. Speaking at the event, Congressman John Dingell described his success in passing this historic piece of legislation four decades ago, and emphasized the responsibility we have toward all living beings. Meanwhile, we still await the government's decision on our request to list the African lion under the Act. Here's to many more decades of protecting endangered species!

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There's Still Time to Support Necessary Changes to the Animal Welfare Act!

The comment deadline for the petition to prohibit public contact with bears, big cats, and primates has been extended to November 18. Get more information here, and please submit a comment before the deadline if you haven't gotten one in already! See our sample comment for inspiration.

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