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December 17, 2013

Urge Your State Senator to Support S.B. 669!


Dear Friends,

There is exciting progress in the fight to end the private ownership of primates in Michigan. Senator Rick Jones (R-24) has introduced S.B. 669 to make it unlawful to own, breed, or sell nonhuman primates as pets. We need your help to urge the Agriculture Committee to approve this bill!

S.B. 669 is a companion to H.B. 4300, which was introduced by Representative Andrew Kandrevas (D-13) earlier this year. It addresses the cruelty that is inherent in private primate ownership. Imagine monkeys, for instance, who are caged and isolated, with their teeth and nails extracted to “tame” them. Individuals who keep primates as “pets” simply don’t have the knowledge or resources to care for them, and fail to recognize that wild animals belong in the wild. The atrocious conditions are only part of the problem, though.

Private possession of primates endangers public safety because primates have incredible strength and have been responsible for causing serious human injuries. Just five years ago, a child was bitten by a neighbor’s “pet” primate in Trenton. The private possession of large cats and bears is already prohibited in Michigan by the Large Carnivore Act, and primates need to join this list.

The senators on the Agriculture Committee need to hear that this bill is crucial for public safety and animal welfare, and that their constituents care deeply about the issue. Please call or email these senators to tell them that both primates and humans in Michigan deserve this protection.

For the animals,


P.S. For additional advocacy, please write to your federal senators and representatives in Washington, D.C. and urge them to similarly support the Captive Primate Safety Act.

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