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December 20, 2013

Help Get Bear Protection on the Ballot in November!


Dear Friends,

I have a message to share on behalf of a group doing incredible work for Maine bears. The Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting coalition is working hard to gather 80,000 signatures by January 9 for a ballot measure to protect bears from hounding, baiting, and trapping – and Born Free USA wants to help them reach this goal. Visit their website to find out how to add your signature or to get involved in the signature-gathering effort. 

Maine is the only state that still allows hounding, baiting, and commercial trapping of bears. Trappers use an unnatural array of fatty foods to attract bears to traps. Once a bear is caught, her instinct is to struggle to get free, which can lead to extensive injuries; some even chew off their own paws to escape. Since regulations only require these traps to be checked once per day, a bear could suffer for hours in excruciating pain. Additionally, hounding is dangerous for the dogs used by hunters because cornered bears can lash out violently, leading to substantial injuries to the unwitting hounds.

The Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting coalition needs 20,000 more signatures before January 9 to ensure that the Maine Fair Bear Hunting Act comes up for a vote in November. Get involved and add your signature today!

For the animals,


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