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February 4, 2014

Act Now! Tell Committee Members to Curtail this Blood Sport


Dear Friend,

Fox penning is a blood sport in which wild animals are ripped to pieces inside an enclosure – and, unfortunately, it’s also legal in Virginia. However, Delegate David Albo (R-Fairfax) has introduced a bill to limit the worst offenders. H.B. 1188 will have a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, February 5. The outcome is uncertain, so committee members need to hear from you now!

Fox penning organizers force dozens of dogs to compete in a fenced-in area to chase—and sometimes rip apart—foxes and coyotes. The foxes and coyotes are caught in leghold traps in the wild, suffering broken bones or other wounds, and transported in cages to the pen when the event is held. The caged animals may be trucked hundreds of miles with no food or water, and some animals die on the trip. Once in the pen, the fox or coyote must run for his life inside fences, where there is no chance of escape. With dogs tearing apart the captive animals, there is a constant demand for fresh wildlife for the fox pens.

H.B. 1188 prohibits the exchange of money and trophies at any event at which a dog and either a coyote or a fox are placed into an enclosed area. The penalty for a violation of the provisions of this bill is a class 6 felony. While this won’t outlaw the brutal “sport” entirely, it will disincentivize operators who make money off of the carnage.

There’s no time to waste. Please write to the Criminal Law Subcommittee members now to ensure that H.B. 1188 passes tomorrow's hearing.



P.S. Please consider donating to our Trapping Victims Fund to help other victims of cruel traps.

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