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February 19, 2014

Wildlife Crime Film on Sunday, February 23


Dear Friend,

You’re invited to join me at the D.C. Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) right here in Washington, D.C. for the east coast premiere of the powerful film Ofir – A Wildlife Crime Documentary, followed by what I hope will be an engaging panel discussion.

I have worked with Ofir for years, and I am not sure there is a more indefatigable warrior fighting against the wildlife trade anywhere. Ofir is an innovative and dedicated wildlife champion and a hero to us all.

DATE:  Sunday, February 23

TIME:  12:15pm screening of Ofir – A Wildlife Crime Documentary (58 minutes); 1:30pm-2:15pm panel discussion

WHERE:  U.S. Naval Heritage Center:  701 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

PRICE:  Tickets are $12 in advance or are available at the door

About the film:  When Ofir Drori discovered that no one was fighting to disprove Jane Goodall’s dark prophecy that apes in the wild would soon be extinct, he decided that he was the man for the job. In 2002, he ventured out to follow up on predicted ape extinction, and the combat of those sweating blood to save and protect the endangered species. He instead found an empty battlefield. Disappointed and disgruntled, he vowed to make a difference on his own. It began with saving Future, an orphaned young chimpanzee fated to fall victim to an illegal trade by poachers in a remote Cameroonian town. When the authorities failed to act, Drori took it upon himself to become the savior of Future, and of wildlife in general. The Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA) was then born: the NGO to start enforcing wildlife laws that were already on the books but had never been applied.

I look forward to seeing you at the D.C. Independent Film Festival for this compassionate, educational opportunity!



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