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February 21, 2014

Speak Out for Bears by March 7! We'll Show You How.


Dear Friend,

In 1999, Ontario’s provincial government stopped the spring bear hunt, which allowed hunters to bait bears as they came out of hibernation, or chase them with hounds and shoot them. While females were supposed to be protected, they were often shot, leaving dependent cubs to die slowly. 

After little or no consultation with experts, the current government, under Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti, has reinstated a spring hunt—even though independent studies and research by their own bear biologists show that this tactic does NOT reduce conflicts with bears.  

There will be an Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) assessment, but it ends March 7! Please send comments (but in a very specific way, if they are to be considered). See the sample comment below, which MUST include the EBR registry number and title.

Using your own words, or ours, submit the comment here.

Remember:  Your comments must be received by March 7!

For the animals,


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Sample comment: 

Regarding EBR Registry Number: 012-0981, with reference to the Amendment to two regulations to establish a two-year Black Bear Pilot Project in parts of Northern Ontario.

Given that we know from the Ministry of Natural Resources’ own research, and by the overview of work done by the State of New Jersey, that hunting bears not only fails to reduce human/bear conflicts but usually leads to increases in such conflicts, why did you reinstate any part of this activity? While we know that female bears are protected, we also know from ample past experience that hunters often mistake female bears, including those with dependent cubs, for males—and shoot them. This leaves orphaned cubs. For this reason, also, we strongly oppose the project.

We also know that the fully operational Bear Wise Program, while always subject to refinement and improvement, worked very well in reducing such conflicts. Instead of gutting it, we urge you to find ways to provide appropriate funding, as it really did decrease bear/human conflicts. 

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