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March 25, 2014

Protect People and Exotic Animals in Pennsylvania!


Dear Friend,

Kelly Ann Walz of Allegheny County was attacked and killed in 2009 by her “pet” black bear while she was cleaning his cage. A Westmoreland County woman was mauled to death by her “pet” wolf-hybrid in 2006. Benny, a spider monkey being kept in Erie, was seized by police in 2008 and died before he could be examined by a veterinarian.

These tragic incidents are just a few of many, and they are preventable – which is why we need you to contact your state legislators in support of S.B. 521/H.B. 575. This bill strengthens Pennsylvania’s exotic pet laws by prohibiting the private ownership of exotic wildlife, including bears, big cats, primates, and other potentially dangerous animals. People who already have such pets would be allowed to keep them, as long as they acquire a permit. The bill also expands and strengthens the definition of exotic wildlife and of exotic wildlife dealers, and prohibits the public from having direct contact with exotic wildlife at menageries.

These commonsense safety and animal welfare provisions are long overdue, as demonstrated by the ongoing incidents involving exotic pets (check out Born Free USA’s database for more). Thirty-three states have more stringent exotic pet laws than Pennsylvania, so we can’t wait any longer to enact this legislation.

Voice your support to state legislators now and urge them to secure hearings for S.B. 521/H.B. 575 today!

For the animals,


P.S. Please make a donation today so that we can help exotic animals in the wild—and in your back yard!

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