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April 1, 2014

Speak Up to End Public Contact with Wild Animals


Dear Friend,

Exotic pet ownership is banned in New York, but, unfortunately, the public can still interact with these animals. Petting zoos, photo ops, and other hands-on sessions with big cats, bears, nonhuman primates, and other wild animals are all too common – and the stories behind these exhibits are heartbreaking. This is why we need you to reach out to your state legislators today, and ask them to co-sponsor a new bill (A. 9004/S. 6903) to ensure that no member of the public can come into contact with wild animals.

The tiger cubs and baby monkeys at these exhibits are cute and cuddly, but they come from a vicious cycle of breeding and exploitation. In this industry, it’s standard to separate babies from their mothers, because young animals are easier to handle. Sadly, this is an inhumane and unhealthy practice that can lead to lifelong physical and psychological problems – and even death. When these animals outgrow their use at petting zoos, they are discarded and often land in other unqualified hands, fueling the exotic pet trade.

Also, these animals are wild, meaning that they’re unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Our Exotic Animal Incidents database contains tragic incidents of human injury at roadside zoos; for instance, a white tiger named Calcutta slashed the head of a 4-year-old boy at an exotic animal photo exhibit at the Saratoga County Fair.

Urge your legislators to stand up for animal welfare and public safety by co-sponsoring A. 9004/S. 6903 today!

For the animals,


P.S. Please make a donation so that we can continue to stand up for animals across the globe—and in your own back yard!

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