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April 24, 2014

Voice Your Support for a New Bill to Protect Orcas!


Dear Friend,

If you haven’t seen the powerful 2013 film Blackfish, I urge you to watch it as soon as possible. This widely-praised documentary reveals the dark underbelly of sea parks like SeaWorld. Suddenly, people across the nation have become aware of the abuse that orcas endure in captivity—and this is leading to legislative change. Senator Ball (R-40) recently introduced bill S. 6613 to prohibit orcas from being kept in sea parks or aquariums, and we need you to speak out in support of it!

At these parks, highly intelligent and social animals, who swim up to 100 miles per day in the wild, are forced to spend their lives in ‘concrete bathtubs’ filled with chlorinated water.

Orcas establish complex social groups in the wild, and maintain strong relationships with the other members of their pods. Separation from their families, particularly from their children, produces enormous grief. They also engage in a range of mentally stimulating activities that use the full extent of their remarkable brainpower. Isolation and lack of engagement, with no remedy for their boredom, causes high levels of stress, aggression, and mental illness.

Sea parks and aquariums claim that they are in the vanguard of conservation, but conservation has absolutely no connection to stealing animals from their homes and imprisoning them for entertainment purposes. These animals will never be released to a viable natural habitat to boost wild populations; all of them will spend the rest of their lives swimming around in small tanks, simply for the public’s amusement.

Compassion for captive orcas is long overdue. Your state senator needs to hear your support for S. 6613 today!

For the animals,


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