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July 31, 2014

Help Support Park Rangers Who Lay Their Lives on the Line


Dear Friend,

Today, World Ranger Day, we applaud those who stand at the front line of the struggle to save our planet’s wildlife. They form a thin green line between the vast ecosystems that gorillas, elephants, tigers, and pangolins call home and the ravages of illegal killing, logging, and mining.

These park rangers—brave men and women—often work in extremely difficult field conditions, with little financial support from their governments, and are seemingly forgotten by some in the international community. They frequently lack the training and equipment they desperately need to defend wildlife—and themselves. If they pay the ultimate price by dying in the line of duty, they regularly leave behind widows and orphans with no means of generating income for basics like food, clothing, and schooling. One loss of life can result in increased poverty and misery for an entire family.

Some of the fallen are known. At least 1,000 rangers have died while carrying out their duties in the past 10 years.

We must protect the protectors and honor these wildlife heroes. Born Free is proud to partner with The Thin Green Line Foundation to provide essential anti-poaching equipment and training to rangers, as well as financial support to families of rangers killed in the line of duty. This initiative provides rangers with decent working conditions and a living wage; provides necessary skills and tools; makes rangers feel valued for their vital role at the front line of conservation; and ensures that rangers’ families and communities have ongoing support.

The role of rangers and The Thin Green Line has now been recognized by His Royal Highness Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. I urge you to join him in doing what you can to help rangers protect the wildlife I know you care about so much.

Today, to wildlife rangers around the world, the message is simple... Thank you. We value your work. We won’t forget you.

For the animals,


PS. If you would like to help us raise funds to support these rangers and their families, please visit this page.

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