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Action Alerts - Together We Can Make A Difference
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Take Action
Keep California's Raptors Flying Free!
We ask our California team members to speak out against a proposed slackening in the regulation of falconry.
Let's Do What We Can to Get Bieber's Monkey to a Sanctuary
We ask our team members to encourage German authorities to relocate Justin Bieber's confiscated "pet" monkey to an accredited sanctuary.
Michigan's People, Bears Deserve Better Than This!
We ask our Michigan team members to urge Gov. Rick Snyder to veto a bill that allows public contact with bear cubs up to age 36 weeks.
Ask Palace Entertainment to Free Lolita!
Urge the President and CEO of Palace Entertainment--which now owns Miami Seaquarium--to return Lolita the orca to her native waters.
Be a Voice for Animals in Circuses in Your Community
Ever wish there was something more you could do to make a difference for animals in the circus and help end the suffering they are forced to endure?
New Yorkers: Help Us Keep Orcas Out of Captivity!
Speak out in support of S. 6613
Take Action: End the Suffering at Maryland Renaissance Festival
Urge Maryland Renaissance Festival to end its camel and elephant rides.
Born Free USA's Elephant Pledge
Signers make promises not to see elephants in entertainment.