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Please consider taking action on one or more of our currently active alerts in the list below.


Illinois Residents, Speak Up for Bobcats!
Don't Let Legislators Reopen a Bobcat Hunting Season. Act Now!
Massachusetts: Help Ban the Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade - Action Needed!
Speak Up Now to Help the Elephants and Rhinos!
Rhode Island: Help Us Ban the Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade!
Speak Up Now to Protect Elephants and Rhinos!
Arkansas: Speak Out for Apes, Baboons, and Macaques!
Ask Governor Hutchinson to Veto H.B. 1551!
Ask Palace Entertainment to Free Lolita!
Urge the President and CEO of Palace Entertainment--which now owns Miami Seaquarium--to return Lolita the orca to her native waters.
California: Thank Committee for Protecting Elephants and Rhinos
Thank the Speaker and the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee Members for Moving A.B. 96 Forward!
Connecticut: Speak Up for Elephants and Rhinos!
Urge Your Representatives to Ban the Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horn in Connecticut
Make Your Community Coyote-Friendly
Born Free USA can help you make your city coyote-friendly too, and urges you to find out more about the resources available to you to take proactive steps for coyotes in your area.
Montana: Speak Out Against a Bill that Would Protect Trapping!
Act Now! Montana is One Step Away from Protecting Trapping as a "Constitutional Right"
Speak Out Against Bobcat Trapping in California!
Urge California Fish and Game Commission to ban bobcat trapping.
Stop Selling Fur, Barneys!
We encourage our team members to sign a petition asking upscale retailer Barneys New York to stop selling fur products.
Take Action: End the Suffering at Maryland Renaissance Festival
Urge Maryland Renaissance Festival to end its camel and elephant rides.
Urge New Zealand to Reject Import of Endangered Asian Elephants!
Prevent Transfer of Elephants from Sri Lanka to New Zealand
Urge Secretary of Agriculture to Protect Exotic Animals!
Speak Out to Support Changes to the Animal Welfare Act
Urge Your Senators to Stop Harmful Wolf Bills in their Tracks!
Speak Out to Support Ongoing Wolf Protection!
Urge Your U.S. Senators to Oppose the "Sportsmen's Act"
Write to your U.S. Senators today!
We Can't Give Up on Wolves Now. Please Take Action!
Tell Your Congressional Representative and Senators to Support Wolf Protection!